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When Carlin Systems, Inc. was formed in 1991, we were thrilled to be part of the community and realized that we have the responsibility and the privilege to help our neighboring communities grow, as we grow with them.

It's important to add positive influence in our area. We chose to be a positive force and set an example by supporting local grass roots charitable organizations and sponsoring certain events that would show the pride we feel living, working and raising our families here on Long Island.

Throughout the years we have contributed to many worthy causes and enjoy watching others succeed in their efforts to make life better for everyone here on Long Island. That is why we run our business with the same values that we live our lives with; honesty, integrity and loyalty to those who work for a happier, healthier future.

The philosophy of helping our neighbors so that we may all be stronger, is a sound one. Investing in the lives of others has given us all a sense of fulfillment and has enriched our lives by being a corporation of individuals who understand the value of community. We are proud of our accomplishments and of everyone we have supported to prove that working together strengthens us all.


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